Gamma Scanning

Tricom Scan provides a specialized researchprocessservice and an effective means for finding out anyproblemsinside the columns.

Our personnel have many years’ experience in the industry and have already performed hundreds of scans on columns.

Detecting the exact cause of the problem enables choosing the best course of action to solve it.

It is a quick and reliable technology to assess the operating conditions inside the tray and packed tower.

This method is classified as a primary research tool in tower diagnosis.

The presence of liquid on the trays and the absence of liquid in the vapor spaces affect the radiation that goes across the columns.

The problems we encounter sometimes involve thousands or even millions of dollars in production value, so the quicker the problem is corrected, the lower thatvalue will be.


Tricom Scan service is effective in determining:


• Damaged Trays
• Flooding
• Foaming
• Entrainment
• Leakage
• Liquid level


• Flooded packing
• Liquid maldistribution
• Crushed or shifted packing
• Internal damage

Tricom Scan

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