About Tricom Scan


Tricom Scan has been developing its own technology and experience since 2006, rising to the top as the major Coke Drum Inspection Companyin our region, with offices both in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Montevideo, Uruguay. With a close technological relationship with USA and England, expanding our area of expertise to other continents, such as Europe and Asia.

Our Goals

Our goal is to increasingly assist refineries in taking care of their most valuable assets, such as Coke Drums. Our experience, together with our partners and continuous technological developments, will be the key to our worldwide expansion. We believe in more and betteroptions.

Our Differentiations

• We are very respectful of the environment where we work, the people and its culture.
• We are flexible and customer-oriented, always sticking to our main goal: providing solutionsand satisfying the needs of our customers.
• We are proud of our workgroup and support them for what they represent: our main asset. We take special care of their health and safety.
• We never stop looking for newer, safer and more efficient solutions, encouraging the innovative thinking that distinguishes us.
• We believe in honesty and that our best marketing campaign is currently our work.